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    Warcraft III Cheat Codes


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    Warcraft III Cheat Codes

    Bài gửi by Riku on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:20 pm

    TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Plays a special song (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)

    WarpTen - Speeds construction of buildings and units

    IocainePowder - Fast Death/Decay

    WhosYourDaddy - God mode

    KeyserSoze [amount] - Gives you X Gold

    LeafitToMe [amount] - Gives you X Lumber

    GreedIsGood [amount] - Gives you X Gold and Lumber

    PointBreak - Removes food limit

    ThereIsNoSpoon - Unlimited Mana

    StrengthAndHonor - No defeat

    Motherland [race] [level] - level jump

    SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb - Instant defeat

    AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs - Instant victory

    WhoIsJohnGalt - Enable research

    SharpAndShiny - Research upgrades

    IseeDeadPeople - Remove fog of war

    Synergy - Disable tech tree requirements

    RiseAndShine - Set time of day to dawn

    LightsOut - Set time of day to dusk

    DayLightSavings [time] - If a time is specified, time of day is set to that, otherwise time of day is alternately halted/resumed

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